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Cultural Consultant

The Home Music Program


Manisha Kaushik is a devoted and professional educationist with the ability to connect with children and diverse cultures. Manisha is popular in the The Culture Cafe team as the most caring, hardworking and an innvoative educator with strong communication and organizational skills. She says she has taken formal lessons and learned spiritual and ceremonial traditions from her grandfather, who passed on ARTS, CULTURE HERITAGE knowledge and Vedic traditions

She has an extensive involvement in theatre, music and is making active contributions to The Culture Cafes Valuing the Arts Programs and initatives put link here of where we will be posting the flyer

Currently she is working with The Cafe Team on the Marli Noongar - Art for every story , A story for every culture and place program and making contributions to drive ART in every home in Melbourne

Manisha volunteers as a cultural officer for The Culture Café Culture . She works as a cultural advisor, translator, workshop facilitator and artist. Manisha is a cultural leader determined to keep our community traditions alive. Manisha is highly educated and has achieved Master of Science (Botany)

Manisha was a cultural consultant on The Culture Cafes production Tarang KalaUtsav.



The Culture café of Victoria is a bold artistic house proudly based in the North of Melbourne in the Hume council Municipality on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people.

We support local arts and artists to thrive in the ARTS sector. We encourage everyone to participate in the arts by: partnering with a range of local arts organisations through annual grant funding or low-cost leases promoting exciting and interesting arts programs for you to participate in or attend commissioning dynamic and engaging public art for everyone’s enjoyment making it easy for you to organise your own events, by helping you find suitable spaces and applying for permits you need.

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