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The Culture Café of Victoria is a registered non profit organisation in Australian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

The culture café is a living, vibrant and welcoming community / The café's House of WELLNESS activities provide opportunities for artistic, cultural and healing experiences.

At our café, we believe ART heals mind and body

ART & WELLNESS go hand in hand

Culture helps a community to grow stronger
Creativity does the body good



Building Community WELLNESS through Arts


Creating affordable ART & health resources for all communities to thrive 


Arts as diverse as its people

We champion positive mental health , cross cultural competency  and psychosocial safety for all. 

The Culture Cafés aim is to support and enable the existing, development of emerging and distinctive cultural practices, promoting engaging community connected outcomes that contribute to the vibrancy,  diversity and resilience of the people.

The  Culture Cafés function, purpose and programming is founded on a multi-element vision to develop experiential and extended arts & culture practice and programs across diverse art forms within the local areas of the Melbourne and other parts of Australia.
Its purpose is to build culture rich, healthy, connected, safe & creative spaces for all communities to thrive.

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Our purpose is to empower communities & arts sector to create culture rich healthy resilient community.


Life is endlessly delicious when lived with Culture ART, Dance & more!!!

Contact us

Melbourne, Australia
Phone:+61 402 944 836

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