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The Culture Café Arts is looking for partners wishing to support the development of the arts within the City of  Hume.

By becoming a partner or sponsor of The Culture Café Arts, your company or organisation can achieve a positive profile in the community through our annual season of high quality arts and cultural events.


The Culture Cafe Arts aims to foster a strong, highly engaged and resilient community, increase profile and support for creative industries and position the municipality of Hume City as a creative city.

We boast a vibrant arts and cultural scene, including professional and creative development programs for artists, competitions including  an annual  Festival celebration ,  open studios and a vibrant program of public art.

Arts and culture are highly valued by the local community in Hume City Council (a research finding consistent with surveys of the general Australian population), and we recognise the contribution and value of local artists, performers and writers and the importance of nurturing young and emerging talent in all fields.  


Through your sponsorship of  Arts your organisation will enjoy enhanced corporate stature in the local and wider community and will secure ongoing exposure throughout our exciting annual arts and culture program.

For companies based in Hume City Council , this support of and connection to the local community makes a positive contribution and raises the awareness of your organisation to a highly engaged audience.

Research shows that cause related sponsorship is able to deliver tangible benefits to organisations, including increased visibility, customer loyalty and corporate image. Specific research into the effectiveness of arts sponsorship shows that 82% of respondents reported to look more favourably on organisations that sponsored the arts.  


The arts and cultural program in Hume City Council brings together a diverse audience of community leaders, respected business professionals, creative industries and individuals living in Hume City Council  and beyond its borders.

Over the year, there are numerous opportunities to expose your organisation’s brand to a wide and diverse audience. More than 25,000 people from over 70 suburbs across Melbourne directly enjoy all kinds of Arts programs and events each year. 


To find out more about becoming a partner or supporter of The Culture Café Arts, please contact us today.

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