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Marli Noongar - The Home Music Program

The Home Music Program
What is the Café Home music Program?

Marli Noongar is a monthly Celebration to welcome local Melbourne artists, vocalists and musicians, it is a creative space that binds the community through the common fabric of the classical heritage Arts, Music, and Dance Forms.

Time: Duration: 1 to 1.5 Hour

Where: Comfort of your own Home

When: Suitable to you & Artists

Free Event:
  • Artists, Vocalists (Classical Semiclassical, Folk & Indian Music) Instrumentalists talent showcase; Host family member/friend presentation (optional)

  • Services and programs information

  • Refreshments (optional)

Support an Art of your choice!

Depending on your personal taste, Raag, music dance (the art form) for the session is thoughtfully selected such as vocalists and Instrumentalists (Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Harmonium, Keyboard and more).Everyone attending participates in the audience, so the more you invite to this Music Program the better. Collective listeners work better for the Pure Art forms.

Things You need to do:
  • Invite minimum 6-8 new families to this event to participate in the Music Program

  • Get the required simple material for the Music Program (Culture café team will assist in getting things organised) Don’t stress!

  • Bookings: Book in your special Saturday/Sunday (limited to remaining 7 only).

  • Contact Cafe on 040 2944 836 or register your interest on our website.

  • Culture Café, Arts Development Officer via

We choose ARTS to tell our stories!

The Cultural Café’s Valuing the ARTS Program

Marli – Noongar: Art for every story, A story for every culture & place

Aboriginal name - The Noongar word Marli means black swan. Another suggested Aboriginal meaning for Mahlee/Marli is said to mean old ancient tree.

Creative industries are empowered by creative practitioners.

Now, the culture café of Victoria will be an even bigger, bolder champion and investor in Australian arts and creativity.

The time has come to mark a new beginning for The Culture Café’s strong commitment to ARTS and culture.

With great joy, we are delighted to present to you the realization of the Marli – Noongar – Cultural Café’s Valuing the ARTS Program.

Marli – Noongar: Art for every story, A story for every culture & place

is a creative space that binds the community through the common fabric of the classical heritage Arts, Music, and Dance Forms. It is certainly a tribute to not only all Asian and India’s glorious legacy of all ARTS , traditions, and heritage but we also aim to include western ART forms as well.

Marli – Noongar will forge even stronger connections with the Creatives, public, private, and commercial sectors. This initiative will enable us to connect Australians, Migrant stories with audiences and build the ARTS marketplace for those stories to be shared on a national and international scale and connecting to our rich culture to the world and future generations.

In addition it will enable us to effectively support the sector through our existing programs to deliver greater impact and broader reach in remote regional areas including youth and community arts.

Message From Mrinal:

For the last few months in 2022 me ,my husband Makarand Mandsorwale and our Creatives along with our Café ARTS team have devoted ourself completely in this project to make it happen.

The CREATIVE Marli – Noongar is seen as a platform to spotlight ALL arts and culture at its best, both for the audience and the artists.

A truly inclusive SPACE for performers AUDIENCES and visitors, for MUSICIANS, Performers, Artists, and creators, for one and all. With your ongoing support and our vigorous, full bodied programming, the cafes aim is to make the arts accessible to everyone. The café is proud to deliver such creative programs and workshops to communities in regional and remote Australia during our Regional Tours in Australia. This is part of our commitment to sharing our stories and cultures with audiences across the country.

An ode to our proud nation Australia and motherland India , the Marli – Noongar is our commitment to preserve and promote not only Asian & Indian arts but Western ART forms as well in this journey.

I hope the Marli – Noongar creative spaces nurture and inspire all kinds of talent, bringing people together from across Australia , India and the world in the future. We look forward to seeing you at the next Marli – Noongar & we at the Café hope that you and your family make memories of a lifetime when you participate , perform or attend as audience or just visit!




The Culture café of Victoria is a bold artistic house proudly based in the North of Melbourne in the Hume council Municipality on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people.

We support local arts and artists to thrive in the ARTS sector. We encourage everyone to participate in the arts by: partnering with a range of local arts organisations through annual grant funding or low-cost leases promoting exciting and interesting arts programs for you to participate in or attend commissioning dynamic and engaging public art for everyone’s enjoyment making it easy for you to organise your own events, by helping you find suitable spaces and applying for permits you need.

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