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Explore the world of Hindustani music, tabla, basri, Bharatanatyam, and Kathhak at Saragam Academy.

Learn from expert instructors and cultivate your artistic talents in these esteemed disciplines. Join Saragam Academy to embark on a captivating journey of music and dance.

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  • Who we are?
    'Be different but not indifferent' Different people, Different gender, Different age, Different culture, Different race, Different perception The truth is we are all different. The power is we are different! We don’t see things the same! They say to be different is Power! At our Culture Café, we say: Be different, not indifferent! Diversity is all around us Culture and creativity are the foundation of livable cities, promoting growth, community connectness, social cohesion, and strengthening the creative industries. Keep in mind , that Diversity of cultural expression, benefits everyone, towards sustainable development of communities, for peace and understanding and as a source of artistic innovation Never before has it been more important for diverse creatives to tell their own stories on their own terms. We are committed to arts and artists shaping their narratives that define who we are a multicultural nation We are story tellers, yes we tell powerful stories , We open our hearts and minds to deep listening, learning, sharing and connecting We make art to understand who we are as migrants on this Australian soil We choose art for its capacity to transform, critique and redefine power. We choose art to respond to threats of bigotry, social isolation, intolerances and racism in our pluralistic society. We choose art to reveal intercultural, intersectional, intergenerational knowledge We at the culture cafe have a profound commitment to arts and artists shaping their narratives that define who we are as a multicultural country. The Culture Café of Victoria is a bold artistic house proudly based in the North of Melbourne in the Hume council Municipality on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people.
  • A little background.
    The name Culture Café of Victoria embodies the past and the future of all contemporary arts (all cultures) where we play the role of Protect, Preserve and Pass it on. Our café is representative of the three parts of the company: A PROFESSIONAL ARTS ENSEMBLE A COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AN EDUCATION PROGRAM Our Café's artistic programming framework is delivered under the philosophy of Curate, Commission, Create. The café was formed originally in NSW in May 2013 and maintains the legacy of high-quality engagement within education, youth, and diverse community sectors. The Culture café s goal is to accelerate the recovery and support of the arts and the cultural landscape in Melbourne and particularly in the North of Melbourne in the new precincts where exists almost nothing. The company has also been able to capitalize on the strong foundations of innovative contemporary Arts including dance music and culture showcasing in the State sector.
  • Do you have an online store
    Coming soon.
  • How fast do you respond to inquiries?
    We aim to respond to all requests within 24 hours, but please allow 1-2 business days for the response. Our support team is primarily available during standard business hours.
  • More questions
    Send us an email.
  • How do I volunteer?
    The Culture Cafe of victoria values the wonderful and extensive contribution that volunteers make to our community. Volunteers assist in a number of areas to deliver a range of services and programs, and provide valuable knowledge to enrich the lives of the people and groups they are helping. Volunteering for the Cafe activities is a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages to not only benefit their local community, but to also gain skills and experience. Becoming a Volunteer or an Intern with us is a fantastic way to see behind the scenes of arts and cultural programs. What happens if you submit an expression of interest? We will contact you and discuss which volunteer program activity best suits you. Then you’ll be contacted by someone from the volunteer program who will set up an interview with you and talk about next steps. Will I get paid for volunteering? No. Volunteers do not get paid. However, you are not expected to be out of pocket for any expenses incurred during your volunteer activities. Why should I volunteer? Volunteering has many benefits. Aside from making connections and helping those in need, many of our volunteers find the experience a good way to get the job they want. Can you volunteer if you’re under 18? Yes. You can get involved with short term projects. Call us to find out more. Is student placement a form of volunteering? No. Student placement is not what we offer. Volunteering means you contribute your time and energy for the good of the public, without expecting a financial reward. Do you need a Police Check and Working with Children Check to be a volunteer? Who pays for these checks? All Culture Cafe volunteers require a current Working with Children Check, which is free. What are Child Safe Standards? We’re proud to be a child-safe organisation and are committed to ensuring no children are harmed by staff, volunteers or students – as required by Victorian Government's Child Safe Standards. Do you get any training? Yes. All volunteers get some induction before starting their volunteer role. What’s more, ongoing training opportunities are available to all volunteers. Am I required be Covid-19 vaccinated to volunteer for Council? Yes, vaccination evidence is required for volunteers, as required by State Government. Still have questions? Please contact our Volunteer Development Officer 0409 227 233 on or send an email to
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