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Mrinal Mandsorwale

Mrinal commenced her Artistic journey with India, Maharashtra (Pune) Circle artistes from 1999. Her career highlights include Directing, choreographing shows, and performing as a theatre artist in the Pune Academy of Theatre and Pune Art Circle with an Indian Drama Theatre co-production.

Mrinal was a Senior Artist with the Middle East Muscat Dance Theatre, joining the company in 1999. She is an Indian from the Maharashtra State, Pune the cultural seat of India and is also proud of her Marathi heritage and culture. Born in Pune, her specialty are Maharashtrian acts and culture items.

In 2005, she made her choreographic and directorial debut in Auckland NZ, creating a short dance drama that paid homage to the Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars leading her to create Classical Arts theatre for kids in 2008-2012. Her artistic career highlights with facilitating, coordinating, and managing several Arts and Cultural events and partnering with overseas Artists in India.

In 2010 Mrinal has worked with The Centre for Cultural Competence Australia (CCCA) and TAFE Aboriginal Directorate complete the mapping process of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait lslander Cultural Competence Course to demonstrate that all the competencies have been satisfied. Her work provided invaluable guidance throughout the accreditation process and the mapping of TAFE and CCCA competencies to not only meeting RACGP Royal Australian College General Practice standards but also to gain approval processes for these accreditations as part of the TAFE statements.

She has currently undertaken similar work to develop Culture Competency course in Indian context.

Mrinal has explored independent work as a Choreographer, Director and Actor. She has been Assistant Director for Cultural Shows at Multicultural Sydney Festival Shows and has been nominated as the Cultural Ambassador for the State Government in NSW.

Most recently Mrinal has directed and choreographed local talent in the regional community groups from NSW and Melbourne and some remote communities of Melbourne. In the month of March 2022, she directed the local talent show in an event in association with the local government in March 2022. Her production of the vibrant event show casing the intricacies of the Odissi Dance form (India) received wide appreciation from the varied audiences and arts organizations including local government.

Mrinal has been serving in the Australian Public service ( State) as a Senior Officer in the Department of Planning and Environment.



The Culture café of Victoria is a bold artistic house proudly based in the North of Melbourne in the Hume council Municipality on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people.

We support local arts and artists to thrive in the ARTS sector. We encourage everyone to participate in the arts by: partnering with a range of local arts organisations through annual grant funding or low-cost leases promoting exciting and interesting arts programs for you to participate in or attend commissioning dynamic and engaging public art for everyone’s enjoyment making it easy for you to organise your own events, by helping you find suitable spaces and applying for permits you need.

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